How do you make a homemade muddler

11 07 2013

How to Use a Muddler to make Cocktails

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Cocktails are loved by everyone and are considered a classic drink. Especially at a bar, or in parties, cocktail adds beauty to the service. Mixed cocktail drinks taste better. If you love the flavors of mixed drinks, you should try using a muddler to do so by yourself. Mint flavored drinks quench the thirst of the body in a warm weather and give a refreshing feeling to the mind. You can add mint or other herbs to your cocktail drink using your own muddler. Also you can infuse different drinks and vodka or gin to add flavor to your glass of cocktail. You can mix mojito with sugar, rum, lime juice and a little soda. A muddler is used for pounding the ingredients in a drink by squishing with it at the bottom of the glass. It brings out the flavors of mints, herbs and citrus in a cocktail. Over muddling can however suppress the taste. It may damage the veins of mint leaves and bring out the bitter taste of chlorophyll. But how to ensure perfect muddling to bring out the taste and flavors as required? Here are some tips to help you use a muddler for your drink.

  1. Pick the right muddler. Different types of muddlers are available in the market and each one serves a different purpose. Use one with a narrow shape and a rounded or squished tip. This helps perfect blending by reaching into the depth of the container easily.
  2. Put in your glass the mint leaves or the herbs you want in your drink. Add a bit of sugar over them
  3. Grab a muddler and press its squishing end into the bottom of the glass. Give it a few twists gently. This is just like using a mortar and a pestle.
  4. Do not rub too hard or it will release the bitter taste of chlorophyll.
  5. Put the chunks of fruit like pineapple or mango in the glass.
  6. Now press these with a muddler that has a squishing base. It will help extract juice from the fruit into the glass.
  7. Pour the cocktail and ice cube in it. Here goes your perfectly muddled drink.

Muddler releases the natural oils of the herbs and highlights the refreshing flavors of herbs and fruits in the drinks. Though you can use the muddle the herbs separately in a container and then add it to the cocktail glass, it is better to use the muddler in the same glass before the drink is poured because it ensures a better presentation. Flat based or round muddlers are best for smashing herbs but toothed muddlers are better for bringing out the juice extracts of the fruits. Get yourself one muddler of each type so that you can make a perfectly blended cocktail at home with ease. Make sure that you do not bruise the herbs or attack them. Just twist the muddler gently over them to bring out the fresh aroma of the herbs.