How do narcissists destroy families

The desire to get revenge on a narcissist is understandably reasonable. But there is no need to destroy a narc because narcissists will destroy themselves.

For many of us who have had the unfortunate turn of events to fall in the hands of a narcissist, after leaving them/ or being discarded, the primary feeling that we have for them is…REVENGE.

Their destruction and downfall can become an intoxicating thought that festers across our heart and mind.

Revenge can feel SO SWEET.

But I am here to tell you…

That narcissists will destroy themselves.

And if you think I am wrong then continue to read on.

Narcissists Are Emotionally Unstable

Narcissists have no emotional regulation.

They are in every sense of the word “kidults”, “grown children”, “toddlers in adult bodies”.

And before you think it childish of me to name call, let me explain.

The names to which I have ascribed to the narcissist are not meant to tease but to show the narc for what they are.

Throwing a temper tantrum because you couldn’t get what you want is…CHILDISH.

Lying to get what you want is…CHILDISH.

Being scared to take responsibility for your actions is…CHILDISH.

Adults do not act like this. We make mistakes and we learn from them.

Heck, I make mistakes EVERY DAY and admit it. If I have wronged someone, I apologize.

Narcissists DO NOT DO THIS. It is everyone else’s fault.

But to get back at the issue at hand. Due to their lack of emotional regulation MANY, a great majority, of them get addicted to drugs, alcohol and uncultured partners (STDs are not uncommon with many of these people).

As they age, they become worse.

“Unlike wine, they do not get better with age.”

And this realization HITS THEM.

They may act like it doesn’t… but it hits them. Hence the need to continually drink and use drugs.

The Addiction Is To Numb Their Sadness

Those of us who have been with a narcissistic partner know that many of them are heavy drinkers, lovers of cigarettes, users of drugs and they may get around with a lot of partners who never quite fill that void inside of them.

Hence the need to have so many partners.

All the things that these people do, when viewed from an objective vantage point, are all signs of a person who is crying out in pain.

These people will slowly tear themselves apart.

What Eventually Happens To Narcissists

A sad, lonely and tragic end.

Narcs usually end up:

  • alone
  • divorced
  • being estranged from family
  • legal problems
  • financially DEPENDENT
  • damaged reputation
  • missed opportunities
  • REGRETFUL ON THEIR DEATH BED (“I wasted so much of my life”)

We have all had narcissist enter our lives. And I can say that a majority of them never end up well in life.

Whatever car, house, marriage, money they have…NEVER LASTS FOR LONG.

Their immaturity coupled with their lack of emotional regulation slowly destroys them over the course of their life.

And this is because they never focus on developing their character. Many of them end up alone in an old person home (a sad BUT fitting end to a narcissistic parent) or they O.D from drugs or too much alcohol.

This is exactly why I champion the idea of going NO CONTACT.

Narcissists will do themselves in.

There is no need to get revenge because them “just being themselves”, is revenge enough.

Let them have hurt us.

The best way to get back at them is to not think about them and to focus on making our lives better.

In becoming our best version we not only get a victory over them but we also have a much better ending in life.

Unlike their sad ending.

If you are hung up on getting revenge on the narc; STOP.

Because the narcissist will do themselves in for us.

For those who feel like they have lost so many years/ and their life to the narc here is how you can reclaim the amount of time you have left.

Getting Back The Years After Being In A Narcissistic Relationship

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