How do I get control 4 dealership

Late response, I know just want to give my input, since I'm a Porter till this very date.

I'm a Porter for a Imports (Meaning multiple dealerships that are ran by the same Service Director) but the main one I work at is Mazda. And basically what a Porter and Detail are similar a bit, but not fully.

Porter, they work at the service lane with the service advisers who write up the paper work for the car to be serviced at a dealership by the mechanics. Now for the dealership I work at, the Mazda doesn't have a shop attached to the building, its across the street of the dealership. So I work by myself (only porter) and I have to Run back and fourth all day long, so I'm busy in my feet. But its not insanely busy, so not every second a car comes up, maybe 25 min pause in between or sometimes hours (Mazda isn't so big) In my empty times. They want me to check the lounge making sure the place is neat and not trashed up, make sure there's no trash around the building, make sure windows are clean, paper is full in the printer. and much more. But that's not always, I go check with the mechanic see if they need help, and in which they never do. Sometimes I get calls from the other dealership next to us that need me to shuttle drive someone, clean up a loaner (Quick vacuum and whip down, nothing serious), or gas up a vehicle from a nearby gas station (Dealerships normally have there own gas pump, but if not they have a special gas station nearby they do business with). And sometimes help sales with moving cars around the lot or taking new delivered cars to a back lot or something. That's a day of a porter, and they get paid $8.50 an hour.

Detailer, I'm not a detailer, but I do work with them sometimes or know them at least lol. I know from one point of view, detailers are either paid by every car they do ($20-$30 a car they clean up) or paid hourly maybe about $8.50 (Same as porter) or more depending on dealership I suppose, I don't know there average pay. But I do know, detailers are not always just cleaning up a car, they normally go help sales move cars or other people when they need help, almost as what a porter would do. May think this type of job is crap and don't want to clean cars. But this job can help you move up, I've seen detailers/porters move up to being a sales person, mechanic, or even a service advisor