How do I buy paintings in Dubai

​​​Welcome to Shamsi, Irina's website, which serves as a portal to my artwork in the field of art and painting. The website is suitably designed for art lovers to view and buy art online, my art gallery and collections of my paintings under headings of Abstract, Cityscape, Flowers, Landscape and Seascape. Fine arts are described in the dictionary as being a creative art, especially visual art whose products are to be appreciated primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content.
Growing up in Republic of Moldova, from my childhood, I took keen interest in all forms of art and while at school learnt music and to play the piano. I also participated in school plays and dramas. However, my real love lay in painting which, unfortunately, I could not pursue as my parents wished that I excel in playing the piano.
After I had settled down in life and had the time, I took to painting again and having seen some of my art work was encouraged by people to take up painting seriously. I then attended classes under tutelage of some known artists in Moldova. I found that much emphasis in such classes was paid to brush stroke techniques, limiting the free movement of my hand and expression of my inner feelings. For me, painting is a form of expressing myself and if such expression is confined by specific parameters, I would paint for others not for my pleasure. 
I have, hence, continued to express myself in my painting in a way that best portrays my inner self. Wherever we look, nature has provided us examples, in abundance, which if understood help us overcome adversity and become better humans. Whenever, I am moved by such an example, I try to express, through my paintings how, my soul feels.
Throughout the history of fine arts, there have been many renowned artists such as Henri Rousseau who took up painting seriously when he was past the age of 40, Frida Kahlo, Helen Downie who started painting at the age of 48, Vincent van Gogh and innumerable others. I mention such august names only to encourage other self-taught artists to draw inspiration from them. In no way can I claim to possess even a speck of the great artistry techniques of such great painters.
I paint abstract, cityscape, flowers, landscape and seascape. Some of my paintings of nature are in abstract form and some in ‘life’ form giving the minutest details. The medium of all my paintings is acrylic on canvas using such tools as palette knife or brush or a combination of the two. In certain cases, where I feel I can express myself better, I use acrylic texture as a background or in the foreground.
Please take your time browsing through this online art gallery in Dubai to view and appreciate the various artworks or to buy art online that pleases your eye or you feel is suited for home or office decor.  
All my paintings are sold on the platform of an online art gallery. A link to this is provided on the Art Gallery page.
As ever, I am grateful to people who not only visit my website but also encourage me through their words of appreciation or by buying the art that pleases them. I am also indebted to visitors to this website who write their honest comments relating to my artwork in the comment box given below.
Do keep revisiting my website as I post new artworks and a new blog every 10 days.