How do dreams come about?no_redirect=1

I find it an interesting question in the sense that it stretches the discussion of just what can and can't be verbed. I am unsure as to the exact evolution of the following, but it seems that "Do you drink coffee first thing in the morning" may have led to "Do you 'do' coffee first thing in the morning?", which would be understandable (even if quite colloquial and absent from style usage manuals) as "Do you 'coffee' first thing in the morning?", with replies like "Yes, I coffee any time", or "No, I don't ever coffee, I'm more of a tea person" etc.

So "Do you 'Dreams Come True'?" looks like a 'verbing' of "do you listen to 'Dreams Come True'?" and hence a valid, if slightly obscure, pun of "Do your dreams come true?". I'd find it more attractive if they had used a slightly different colour or font for the "Dreams Come True" part - of course quote marks would have worked but probably spoilt the pun.

There is discussion on verbing, or verbifying, in lots of places. See here, for example.