Does Pepsi freeze faster than Coca Cola

I am a biochemist, and I can tell you that by dissolving anything into water causes the solution to have a lower freezing point than water, itself. Therefore, coca cola has a lower freezing point than just water, alone. The question now, is how much lower. That we can only determine from observing an experiment. Place a thermometer in a plastic cup of coke, then put the coke into your freezer. Put a thermometer in the air of your freezer, as well. As soon as the coke begins to freeze at the very top, if the two thermometers are close to the same, then the one in the coke is almost the freezing point when the coke first begins to freeze at the top. Subtract one degree from the coke thermometer, and that is a VERY good estimate of the freezing point of coke. ....... FYI: dissolving non-gases, like sugar in water, lowers the freezing point. However, dissolving gases like CO2, normally does not affect the freezing point that much. I'm not sure if it would increase or lower it; however, I do know that the effect would be minimal.