Do you like pearls

I asked this question to our Twitter and Facebook fans this week, and while there were a few traditionalists who prefer white, the majority seemed to love colorful pearls. If I asked the same question 5 years ago, I'm not sure we'd see such a wide embrace. It's been very exciting to watch the industry transform, even more so to bring special pearls like these to market(On Sale Feb. 3rd).

For the readers that been around since September, you'll likely reconize these pearls. These are the exotic color Freshwater drops I selected at the Hong Kong Gem Show. Each pair was picked for its high luster and "fancy" color. I'll be honest, it's been a struggle to photograph and and describe these pearls, as just a small change in light will dramatically change they way they look. Be warned, these earrings do change color depending on the angle you view them and the lighting; however, most will agree it's part of their appeal.

If you're reading this blog I have a feeling you'll "get" these pearls, and if you've been following our Facebook page this week, you know you're not alone. With their metallic luster, intense orient and exotic body colors, these little nuggets are in a class of their own. Pearl collectors will see the beauty of their natural curves, traditionalists likely will not.

When selling pearls we want to photograph them under ideal conditions, usually with the aid of a light box. While this shows every little nuance of color, luster and orient, I'm aware that  pearls are worn in the real world, often under less then ideal lighting. In response to several questions I've received about IRL(in real life) versus glamor shots, I've included a number of images shot under natural conditions, no special lights.

We should have these ready for Monday February 3rd, and as usual blog subscribers and facebook fans will get an update as soon as they are released.