Do you know Paris Jackson personally

But after baring her demons during her run of reflective interviews in 2017, some of which noted that she was happily clean and sober, Paris seemed to want to turn the attention away from herself and back toward the causes she was passionate about. 

"So many people right now are so focused on what kind of shoes this person has, the designer purse they carry, what car they drive, [or] whether they wear the same outfit more than once," Paris told Teen Vogue. "I want to use my platform for something other than that. I want to actually make a difference. So everything that I'm doing—the acting, the modeling—it's all just to grow my platform so I can use my voice for things that matter."

She didn't really miss a step publicly after her medical issue last month. She went to the premiere of Netflix's The Dirt with Gabriel on March 18, attended a taping of Culkin's Bunny Ears podcast on March 19 and, a few days later, a family source told us she was feeling much better. Paris firmly maintains she did not hurt herself on March 16, but she was unquestionably going through a tough time, with the release of Leaving Neverland and the 10th anniversary of her father's death approaching in June.

"It just added up," the family insider said.

But, the source added, "She's really on the mend and is listening to people who are giving her solid direction. She was ecstatic to see Diana Ross' comments on her dad after everything that has happened."  (Ross tweeted on March 23, "This is what's on my heart this morning. I believe and trust that Michael Jackson was and is A magnificent incredible force to me and to many others. STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE")