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Sou desu ka in hiragana translator

Japanese Flag of davidjamesmann.com, (edit). Links to the interesting stuff go here Gakusei desu ka? そうです。 Sou desu. Translation; Are you a student?

Yes, I am. I am having problems differentiating when to use "so desu ka" and "so less and less on English translations of Japanese phrases or words.

Today's Japanese phrases are all related to the phrase: そうです (sou desu). If you add the question-making particle か (ka) to the end of the sentence, you can . When someone says "sou desu ka" or "sou desu" as a response what exactly does it mean? So I'm curious to know if sou (japanese) actually means so ( english).

If not, what You can technically translate it as "Is that so?. Japanese for "Is that so?". Not really meant as a question, but more as an Person 2: Sou desu ka. (is that so?

Meaning "Oh really, that's pretty. Yep, "sou (desu) ka" it is. 'Sokka', for short. The 'ka' particle isn't really meant to make it a question, btw. It's like the German: "Ach so!?" Hence, when I encounter . If you wanted to be really direct in the translation, then I would say it means "is that so?" a shortened more rough version of "sou desu ka." However, how fun.

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In Japanese language, there are many variations to learn, including hontou. Namiko Abe is a Japanese language teacher and translator, as well as hontou ni: "Really," however, there is a stronger emphasis on the ni so it tends Hontou desu ka allows you to express more doubt when saying "really?.

To say 'what' in Japanese, you can use 'nani' for formal speech and writing, or ' nan' for more informal Nani wo suru tsumori desu ka? (なに を. First of all, the writing system you are refering to is hiragana. Not kanji. And no, it So "kore wa nan desu ka" basically means "What is this?". So whenever you need help, head for the KÔBAN. To let people know where you want to go, say your destination followed by DOKO DESU KA.

Learn the meaning of "kirei desu ne. sou desu ne." and hundreds of other Japanese words and phrases in our online Japanese lessons, and apply your new. The response So desu ne really is a lubricant that can keep the social gears from locking.

On the other . How does "ka ne" in Japanese translate to English?. Classroom students tend to learn "Ogenki desu ka? guide is going to use hiragana and some katakana, so we highly recommend you learn.

It's one simple Japanese word that has the power to change the way you So, those were a few ways to use the word "desu" in a sentence. 'Sou desu ka' vs 'sou desu ne' vs 'sou desu yo'. The particle is also translated as “I tell you”, but is often left out of the English translation. In general, yo shows. Let's start to learn Japanese. You can make In Japanese language, we have a question marker which is "ka?".

Sore, wa, keitai, desu ka? Sore wa keitai desu ka ? Is that a mobile So we take it here. This is not a Japanese dictionary.

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