Are subway train tracks electrified

It would depend where in Australia of course. In Queensland there are some areas of overhead electrified railway lines (at a voltage of 25kv AC) which although the current runs through overhead wires, it is still possible to be electrocuted via the actual rails, if a train is in the vicinity and is making the connection between wires and rails. It's the rails which make the circuit complete, after all.

The Sydney Light Rail is also overhead wires, at 750v DC, so same could apply, while the Melbourne Tram system is 600v DC overhead. DC voltage can actually be more dangerous as it may cause the person it electrocutes to grip tightly onto the (in this case) wires or rail.

To my knowledge there are no electrified conductor rail (i.e 3rd or 4th rail alongside the running rails) systems in Australia.

Having said all that, it's much better to avoid stepping directly on rails anywhere, just in case. They can also be slippery...! Step over the rails and be as careful as possible.

Source(s): Rail Staff