Are Pakistani girls in Preston UK beautiful

A Pakistani man who sexually abused two girls has won the right to stay in Britain, claiming his human rights would be breached if he was deported.

Zulfar Hussain, who lived in Blackburn, was jailed for five years in 2007 for crimes against two girls aged under 16.

He is soon to be freed and was to have been deported as a foreign national who has committed a serious crime.

The Home Office is to appeal against a ruling by a judge at a tribunal hearing allowing Hussain, 48, to remain.

Plied with drugs

A spokeswoman for the Home Office confirmed that Hussain was granted leave to remain by the judge earlier in the month.

Hussain is now thought to be being held in an immigration removal centre pending the outcome of the Home Office's appeal against that ruling.

He was jailed in August 2007 at Preston Crown Court, which heard how he abducted and sexually exploited two vulnerable girls while plying them with drugs.

Qaiser Naveed, 34, from Burnley, who was jailed alongside Hussain for the same offences, has not appealed and will be deported back to Pakistan.

Both were ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life and banned for life from associating with girls under the age of 16.

They were caught after police in Lancashire worked with local councils and charities to combat the problem of men grooming vulnerable girls.