Are moral values among Indians degenerating

There are so many in todays society that have lost the boundaries that would have helped them in

times past to determine between right and wrong. Children are now exposed to so much
information which in many ways have molested them of their innocence, and have deprived them
of a pure and healthy childhood.

Tomorrows Newspaper reads that an 11 year old child was gunned downed by his fellow student
simply because he wouldn't give up his coat. These are a few of the teachings learned by this
information generation. That material gain is more important than another human life. The
degradation of moral standards starts not only from within the home, but in the Media and
Educational system as well as Environmental structures play a significant role as well. To reach a
generation that has been exposed to so much with so little maturity or understanding will not only
be challenging for its teachers, but overwhelming for those that seek to control them.

Degradation simply means to lower ones standard of lifestyle, to make one a degenerate and to
demoralize not only in standards, but in character as well. Greed has become the forerunner in the
world today. There is so many that now hide behind this image call success. That it doesn't really
matter what it took to get there, at least this is what they think.

Morals and values among Indians today is definitely changing. Today the youth values the
importance of speaking up rather than being silent onlookers to whatever goes on in the society.
People are more aware of what's happening around them and are ready to act against them. It is
also true that people today are more materialistic today but that is what comes out of the fierce
competition and the necessity to make one's presence felt in today's world. Associating value to
money is not altogether bad because money can also be used towards helping people and the
development of the society. So, values are changing but not degrading.

Traditional source of inculcating moral values in children are too busy or falling too short of their

Parents-Too busy in their own job.

Traditional joint families are becoming non-existent.

Education -All about learning science, math & language skills. Moral education is out of curriculum.

Society-Defines your success based on your position & number of zeros in your salary. End
becomes important than the means.

Leaders -Political leaders -Most hated species in India.

Media- Believe that cricket, TV stars etc are topics of national importance.

Youth can not be blamed. If its a moral degradation, it is collective failure.

Moral and values among Indians are really degrading, the cause for this are many. These days
youngsters spend more time on their phone, talking, operating Facebook, Whatsapp. Than with
their elders. , who used to teach them good values. They talk about big issues like corruption,
politics, rape, but they themselves have no time for the guests, for celebrating the festival in real
sense, for respecting their older grandparents

- Nowadays, smoking, hukka parlours, drinking, late night parties, exposure of physical beauty,
pubs are considered as status symbols. Persons not doing these things are considered old
fashioned or stereo type. Simplicity and etiquettes were things of the past.

- People want to earn either by hook or crook. They don't care if their acts are in agreement with
moral values. They can sell their moral values for money because money now buys status.

- Everyone knows the dirty game of politics that is being played nowadays. If our "respected"
politicians had good ethical values, they would have not been only concerned with filling their own
pockets in place of developing our poor country.

- To be religious is now mocked at by most of the people. Instead of learning some good things
from "Satsang", people enjoy criticizing the Saints.

- Chain snatching and horrendous acts like rape are common terms in newspaper and news

- Physical appearance is all that matters in a person. Even players are not identified by their runs
and goals but by their looks.

Thus it will not be an exaggeration to say that morals and values of people are degenerating.
Degenerating or Evolving? The caste system, Sati, 2000 years of servitude, child marriage, female
infanticide, etc etc etc. Is westernisation so bad? Is corruption westernised or Indian by nature.
Which western culture glorifies a band of brothers who gambled away their wife, let alone share
her amongst themselves? Is this our yardstick of values. It's our choice ultimately as an individual
not the society as a whole. Collectively as individuals we make this country and its values.

Our youth especially teenagers are very much attracted towards nudity. Showing himself above
others is becoming the most important goal of Indian teens. They feel its good to be bad, Its cool
to study one night before exam and just pass it, its royal to smoke and drink and its maturity to go
against their parents. ITS NOT!. I seriously don't know what is the solution for this but all I know
is that this situation must change.